2018 Creative Ink Festival Schedule

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Friday May 18th

1:00pm Grand Villa 2  – Writing for Comics with Bevan Thomas

Join Bevan Thomas, writer and editor for Cloudscape Comics, as he talks about writing comics: the inspirations, the process, and the final result. How do you get ideas? What should go into a comic script? What makes writing for comics different from writing for something else? And, of course, the most important question: if you can't draw, how do you find someone to illustrate your story? Whether you’re interested in intensely autobiographical graphic novels, thrilling superhero action, evocative manga, humorous cartoons, wild science fiction, or some other genre altogether, this presentation will show you how it’s done.


1:00pm Firenze  – Designing Character Backgrounds

Brenda Carre (M), Chadwick Ginther, Kevin Hearne, JM Landels, Randy McCharles

You have an idea for a character, now you have to figure out how to flesh out the character. Come listen to our panelists discuss how to do this

1:00pm Venezia  – Memorable Author Readings with Jim Jackson

Author readings are an essential piece of building your tribe in today’s economy of connection. Giving an author reading seems easy – you just get up there and read, right? But what are you doing to wow your fans so much that they can’t forget you? What are you doing to compete against Netflix and Candy Crush? This workshop uses time-tested and cutting- edge techniques to make your readings memorable, conquer nerves and deliver your writing in your unique voice. Whether you’re an old hand at author readings or quiver at the thought, this workshop is for you.

1:00pm Lobby Board Room  – Blue Pencils: Rhonda Parrish/Susan Pieters /Sylvia Taylor (red)

2:00pm Grand Villa 2 – Fire Up Your Fiction with Dwayne Clayden

If you’re looking to bring your characters and scenes to life, tighten your writing, pick up the pace, and develop a more authentic voice, this is the presentation for you. You’ll get clear, concrete advice with examples for: showing instead of telling, streamlining your writing, avoiding info dumps, choosing words that nail it, breaking formal writing habits, creating tense action scenes, writing tension filled dialogue, and much more.

2:00pm Firenze - Research

C.C. (Chris) Humphreys (M), Kate Austin, Eileen Kernaghan, Susan Pieters, S.G (Sandra) Wong

Research isn’t just for non-fiction writers. Every piece of fiction, no matter the genre, will contain details which, if not accurate, will throw a reader out of a story. But how do writers do research? When do they start? When do they stop? How do they wade through the quagmire of overwhelming information and choose just the right pieces to weave into their stories?

2:00pm Venezia - Starting is the Hardest Part

Chloe Cocking (M), Donna Barker, Michele Fogal, Tyner Gillies, Tom Wright

Have you always wanted to write but could never even think how to get started? Whether it’s blogs, news reports, reviews, short stories or novels, how does one get the pen (or keyboard) rolling?  

2:00pm Lobby Board Room - Blue Pencils: Chadwick Ginther/Manny Frishberg/Jonas Saul

3:00pm Grand Villa 2 - Top 10 Steps to Sell Your Manuscript with Janine Cross and Linda DeMuelemeester

You’ve written the story—now what? In this workshop, learn ten crucial steps on how to get an agent/editor hooked by your manuscript. Participants will learn tips for how to make their manuscript shine above the slush-pile, avoid common editing mistakes, write a solid query & synopsis, and find a genre-perfect agent.

3:00pm Firenze - The Grey Side of Anti-Heroes

Michele Fogal (M), Kate Austin, Joshua Pantalleresco, T. G. Shepherd, Bevan Thomas

We should hate them, but we love them. They have major flaws; they sometimes do the right thing for the wrong reasons or vice versa. How do you create an anti-hero that will draw in your readers and never let them go? (Discussion of what an anti-hero is may also come up!)

3:00pm Venezia - Write What You Know or What You Want?

Brenda Carre (M), C.C. (Chris) Humphreys, Chloe Cocking, Manny Frishberg, Eileen Kernaghan

The advice used to be to write what you know. In these days of the internet research, does this still apply? Has it ever? Should you write things you don’t know about? How outside your own personal experiences do you or should you feel comfortable writing?

3:00pm Lobby Board Room - Red Pencils: Holly Schofield/Rissa Johnson/Stacey Kondla

4:00pm Grand Villa 2 - Slush Pile Confidential with JM Landels

Learn what goes on behind the scenes at a literary press. What is the slush pile, how does it work, how long should you wait for a response? Learn what catches an editor’s eye and what can turn them off your story, and, once it’s accepted, what steps it goes through to become a published work.

4:00pm Firenze - Find Your Writer’s Voice

Adam Dreece (M), Kevin Hearne, Linda DeMeulemeester, Susan Pieters

What does that even mean? How do you find it and when will you know if you have found it? How do you make it one that stands out from all the rest?

4:00pm Venezia - How Not To Be "That" Person

Brenda Carre (M), Manny Frishberg, Kristene Perron, Brie Wells

This is a panel about best practices for panelists, moderators, audience members and more. How to avoid the biggest social mistakes authors make in the business. This includes dealing with agents, publishers, editors, fellow writers, readers, etc. Basically, this a panel about good manners for writers.

4:00pm Lobby Board Room - Red Pencils: Tod McCoy/Kevin Harkness/Michelle Vandepol

5:00pm Grand Villa 2 - Learn the Secret Formula to Unlocking Your Freelance Writing Dreams with Michelle Vandepol

If you are looking to gain the skills to publish an article in your favourite magazine, this workshop (suitable for both the published and unpublished) is for you. Michelle Vandepol will lead this interactive workshop that includes informational background into the consumer magazine publishing industry, group identification of concepts, practicing writing one’s own query letter, and providing group feedback and peer voting for the most effective query letter. A prize will be provided for the winner.

5:00pm Firenze - Swords and Martial Arts for Writers with Devon Boorman

Join the sword master for an informative and action-packed session on swords and martial arts for writers. Devon will bring weapons with him!

5:00pm Venezia - Romancing the Monster

S.G (Sandra) Wong (M), Kate Austin, Jo-Ann Carson, Chloe Cocking

In dark fantasy, paranormal romance and urban fantasy, often the love interest isn’t human. What is so appealing about these characters? Why do writers write them? Why do readers love them, or hate them? Are there limits to the type of monster that can be romantic? Can we get tired of these characters and are there still ways to make them unique?

5:00pm Lobby Board Room - Pitches: Tod McCoy - Hydra House/Agent Stacey Kondla

6:00pm Grand Villa 2 - Welcome GoH Keynotes, Kevin Hearne and C.C. Humphreys

7:00pm Grand Villa 2 - Creating Immersive Worlds with Adam Dreece

We love those types of story worlds where we are so pulled in, we feel the dampness of the air on our skin, and hear the croaking of the spider-goats in the fields. But how can we shake our imaginations loose and do that? Adam Dreece shares his lessons and thoughts from bringing his steampunk meets fairytale, post-apocalyptic fantasy, gritty sci-fi future, and other worlds to life.

7:00pm - 10:00pm Firenze - Friday Night Readings

7:00pm    Brenda Carre

7:10pm    Jo-Ann Carson

7:20pm    Dwayne Clayden

7:30pm    Chloe Cocking

7:40pm    Michele Fogal

7:50pm    Manny Frishberg

8:00pm    Tyner Gillies

8:10pm    Chadwick Ginther

8:20pm    Chris (CC) Humphreys

8:30pm    Jim Jackson

8:40pm    JM Landels

8:50pm    Tod McCoy

9:00pm    John Mavin

9:10pm    Sylvia Taylor

9:20pm    KT Wagner

9:30pm    Krista Wallace

9:40pm    Brie Wells

9:50pm    S.G (Sandra) Wong

7:00pm Venezia - Let's Talk About Kevin Hearne's Books!

Andrea Westaway (M), Chadwick Ginther, Sandra Wickham

Fans of Kevin Hearne, let’s get together and talk about Oberon, Atticus, A Plague of Giants, Oberon, Star Wars, Oberon, or maybe how much we love Oberon. An open conversation led by a team of panelists.   

7:00pm Lobby Board Room - Blue Pencils: S.G. (Sandra) Wong/JM Landels/Ellen Michelle

8:00pm - 10:00pm Grand Villa 2 - Dealer Spectacular Meet and Greet

Saturday March 19

9:00am Grand Villa 2 - Adding Mystery to Your Fiction

S.G (Sandra) Wong (M), Dwayne Clayden, Kevin Harkness, Randy McCharles, Brie Wells

Most stories have a mystery element to them. How do you choose appropriate mystery elements? How do you keep the mystery going without giving it away to the audience? Should you give enough clues for the reader to figure it out? Bring your mysterious questions to our panelists and they will answer, or not -- it’s unknown!

9:00am Firenze - How To Get An Agent

Sylvia Taylor (M), Janine Cross, Jim Jackson, Stacy Kondla

Where should you start looking? What should you look for? What should your expectations be? Do you even need an agent? There’s a lot to talk about. Join our pros for a talk about agents.

9:00am Venezia - The Definitive Truths Behind Your Anger and Mental Health with Jason Lee

Unravel the myths about anger and learn the truths about what makes you feel angry. Discover quick and easy tools you can use to diffuse anger and understand how anger affects your mental health. Based on lived experiences, this engaging presentation is one you won’t want to miss 

9:00am Lobby Board Room - Red Pencil: J.C. McKenzie

10:00am Grand Villa 2 - Understanding Literary Publishing Deals and Legal Agreements with Jeff Young

This seminar will provide attendees with an opportunity to understand the legal and business ramifications of entering into publishing agreements, literary option agreements and the like, as well as to ask legal questions that would otherwise only be available through private consultation.

10:00am Firenze - Beyond Social Media

JM Landels (M), Tod McCoy, Kristene Perron, Jonas Saul, Sylvia Taylor

Creative Book Promotion goes beyond Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all of those social media resources. What can be done to promote yourself and your work in other areas of the internet or in person?

10:00am Venezia - Creating Tension

Mel Anastasiou (M), Dwayne Clayden, Tyner Gillies, Lisa Voisin

Top Agent Donald Maass says there should be tension on every page. How do we accomplish that? How do we get our readers hooked on the anticipation of what will happen next? How do we keep them invested in what happens to our characters? What happens in our world of the novel?

10:00am Lobby Board Room - Kaffeeklatch: C.C. (Chris) Humphreys

11:00am Grand Villa 2 - Developing Graphic Novels with Sadiq Somjee

This presentation will take you through the complete process of developing graphic novels from concept to production. Sadiq will cover examples of successful graphic novels, scripts, thumbnails, storyboards, layouts, dialog development and the visual narrative. The process of developing a graphic novel has many of the same elements as writing a script and a novel.

11:00am Firenze - Feeding Your Muse

Mel Anastasiou (M), C.C. (Chris) Humphreys, Michele Fogal, Jim Jackson, KT Wagner

The creative process can often be a tricky one, and it is easy to fall into ruts or hit a blank wall. Our panelists will discuss how to develop ideas, create compelling subject matter, and what do next when you find yourself stuck, not knowing what to do for your next piece of art, writing or other creative project.

11:00am Venezia - Levels of Editing

Todd McCoy (M), Eileen Kernaghan, Ellen Michelle, Trevor Melanson, Holly Schofield

Let’s talk about developmental edits, line edits, professional editors, alpha and beta readers. What are the differences? Which happens at which point in the process? How much do you do on your own? How do you know whether to pay for editing, whether you’re self-publishing or seeking traditional publishing? Our panelists will attempt to answer these and any others you bring.  

11:00am Lobby Board Room - Blue Pencil: Kevin Hearne

12:00pm Grand Villa 2 - Writing Short Fiction with KT Wagner

In 2018 there are a lot of good reasons to write short stories. The form is enjoying a resurgence of popularity and it’s an excellent path to reaching readers and connecting with publishers. Writing short is also a way to test-drive other genres and stretch your creative muscles. More than fifteen of KT Wagner’s short stories are published or pending. She’ll share her perspective and approaches in this class.

12:00pm Firenze - How Editors Think

Manny Frishberg (M), R. Graeme Cameron, Tod McCoy, Ellen Michelle, Zoe Duff

What do editors appreciate in an author, both in their attention to craft and their professional interactions? Come and listen to editors share their experiences and insight on how to find and develop an effective relationship with an editor.

12:00pm Venezia - Real Life Superwomen with Lisa Gemino, Sandra Wickham, JM Landels and Kristene Perron

What do you get when you put an MMA fighter, a pro fitness competitor, a mounted combat expert and a stuntwoman together on one panel? A rousing discussion about the realities of being a “strong woman” and how that compares with their portrayal in fiction. Join authors Lisa Gemino, Sandra Wickham, JM Landels, and Kristene Perron as they KAPOW the stereotypes and share the truth about the lives of superwomen.

12:00pm Lobby Board Room - Blue Pencils: Lisa Voisin/Holly Schofield/J.C. McKenzie

1:00pm Grand Villa 2 - Creating Your WHAT with Your WHO(s) with SG Wong

No matter the genre you write, every story benefits from a bit of mystery. We all love to discover something of the unknown as a tale unfolds, don’t we? But how do you craft a compelling, well-paced plot to bring your story to life? Begin with your character(s) and watch your narrative grow with their unique choices and perspectives. Learn how to create intriguing people for your fiction—people who ultimately drive your action forward. Bring your imagination to bear on this session of brainstorming, character development, and structural plotting. No, really, it’ll be fun!

1:00pm Firenze - Writing Fight Scenes

Kristene Perron (M), Kevin Hearne, C.C. (Chris) Humphreys, Tyner Gillies, JM Landels, TG Shepherd

Join panelists for tips on writing effective fight scenes. Learn what to include, what to avoid, how to make them fit your story and dispel some myths and fallacies about fighting. Battles may break out among panelists.

1:00pm Venezia - NaNoWriMo, is it RiMo for You?

Sylivia Taylor (M), Donna Barker, Lisa Voisin, Andrea Westaway, Tom Wright

For many writers, November become a sprint to finish 50 000 words, inspired and pushed on by National Novel Writing Month. There are some writers on the other end of the spectrum with harsh criticisms. Should you try it? How best to accomplish it or should you avoid it? Join panelists who have tried it to hear their experiences and input.

1:00pm - 4:00pm Lobby Board Room - New West Writers’ Critiques

Encompassing three hours, each hour allows three authors to have their work critiqued in a group, as well as to offer their input to the two other participants. Signing up ahead of time is required. Please stay tuned for sign up.

2:00pm Grand Villa 2 - Practical Linguistics in the Development of Voice with Author Guest of Honour, Kevin Hearne

A workshop defying the old saw that "you can't teach voice." Maybe it can't be taught in its totality,  but this workshop will cover practical techniques to make your characters pop and sound distinct from one another in both third person and first person POVs. Plenty of examples from lit and a firm belief from the instructor that you can master this.

2:00pm Firenze - Silence Your Inner Critic

Jim Jackson (M), Adam Dreece, Michele Fogal, Lisa Voisin, Tom Wright

How do you shut off that voice that tells us we’re not good enough, not talented enough, not enough to write? Should we? Or does it serve a purpose? Join panelists as they discuss why this happens, what you can do about it and how to make it work for you, not against you.

2:00pm Venezia - Writing For The Busy: Understanding Your Limitations but Working Within Them

Krista Wallace (M), Mel Dawn, Tyner Gillies, Trevor Melanson

All of us have busy lives but if we are ever to get the words onto pages, it takes planning, time management and dedication. Fear not, responsibilities are not the end of your writing career! Is it possible to work around those responsibilities by prioritizing and using time management to open little worlds into written words.

3:00pm Grand Villa 2 - Blue Stories: How to Get the Law Enforcement Details Right in Your Fiction with Tyner Gillies

Have you had trouble getting the fine policing details right in your story? Tyner, an RCMP patrol sergeant, with over thirteen years’ policing service, is here to help you. In this class you'll learn some of the common mistakes writers make, and the policing details you need to give your story that realistic punch. We’ll discuss equipment, arrest procedures, the concept of Reasonable Probable Grounds, and basic forensics. Bring your questions!

3:00pm Firenze - Plot or Character: Which Comes First?

Brenda Carre (M), Manny Frishberg, Trevor Melanson, Kristene Perron

What is most important to a good story: a fast moving and/or engaging plot to carry you away, or characters that you can identify with, or at least care about? You can have one without the other, but when should you? And, does plot emerge from character needs and desires, or are they born to serve the plot?

3:00pm Venezia - MG and YA

Brie Wells (M), Linda DeMeulemeester, Holly Schofield, Michelle Vandepol, Lisa Voisin

All of us were affected in our youth by the books we read. That’s probably part of the reason we want to write them now. How can we successfully write those life changing stories for young people?

4:00pm Firenze - Creating Believable Characters

Krista Wallace (M), Kevin Hearne, Brenda Carre, Adam Dreece, Kevin Harkness

How do you convince your readers that your imaginary friends are real … at least in your story?

4:00pm Venezia - Podcasting 101

S.G (Sandra) Wong (M), Joshua Pantalleresco, Vanessa Vivienne, Andrea Westaway

Are you interested in starting a podcast? What does it take? How do you begin? How do you build an audience and keep it? If you’re podcasting fiction, what are the differences authors need to keep in mind when writing for the spoken word?

4:00pm Lobby Board Room - Pitches: JM Landel - Pulp Literature

5:00pm Grand Villa 2 - Banquet and Keynote *ticket required

Keynote: The Power of, No, Damnit, I’m Doing This with Adam Dreece

6:00pm Firenze - Storytelling on the Fly

Krista Wallace (M), Adam Dreece, Manny Frishberg, JM Landels, Kristene Perron

Writers know that nasty little editorial voice that wants to control every idea, every sentence, every word. Come and share some laughs with these writers as they send that nasty voice away kicking and screaming. With only a few prompts, they will create a story together, one sentence at a time. It WILL have a beginning, middle and an end. It WILL NOT make much sense. There WILL be mirth.

6:00pm Venezia - How to Create A Writing Routine (and Stick With It!)

Lisa Voisin (M), Brenda Carre, Kristi Charish, Mel Dawn, Farida Somjee

Do you find yourself procrastinating from your writing? Having a hard time getting into a groove of writing consistently? What are the best ways to create a writing routine and keep it going?

6:00pm Lobby Board Room - Red Pencils: Sue Pieters/Rhonda Parrish/John Mavin

7:00pm Grand Villa 2 - What Drug is the Perfect Murder Weapon? With Dwayne Clayden

Did I really just offer this as a conference topic? You have to believe me, I’m not crazed or vindictive, and don’t have a criminal streak in me. What I am, though, is a fiction writer. A crime writer. A paramedic. I write about murder, mayhem and emergency medicine (usually all three mixed together). That stimulates lots of thoughts about the perfect crime. In fact, planning the perfect crime is always churning inside my head. So back to that question: What drug would a killer IN YOUR NOVEL use to create the perfect murder? Before I answer that, let me take a minute to give a general disclaimer. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME WITHOUT SUPERVISION. Scratch that! Simply, DON’T TRY THIS! But do attend this entertaining and informative session!

7:00pm Firenze - Live Action Slush–General Edition

Manny Frishberg (M), Mel Anastasiou, Randy McCharles, Susan Pieters, Krista Wallace (Reader)

Our panel of editors and publishers listen to anonymously read story openings and comment on why they would or would not wish to consider the complete work. Bring the 1st page of your manuscript (please leave your name off the page!) to be read aloud and receive comments from our panel of authors and editors. This event is both fun and educational -- don’t miss it!

7:00pm Venezia - Is All Procrastination Fear?

Sylvia Taylor (M), Kristi Charish, Chloe Cocking, Michele Fogal

Do you sit down to write but find yourself roaming social media? Or do you get the sudden urge to do laundry or make phone calls instead? Do we procrastinate because writing is too hard? Or is it out of fear and if so, what are we afraid of? Or is it a lack of motivation or ideas? Join the panelists as they discuss procrastination and how to deal with it.

7:00pm Lobby Board Room - Blue Pencils: Adam Dreece/Tod McCoy/R. Graeme Cameron

8:00pm Grand Villa 2 - Group Autograph Session

9:00pm Grand Villa 2 - Channel 73 3/4 Improv

The Quad Comedy brings you the Channel 73 3/4 Improv Comedy Show. The troupe performs hilarious improv scenes based on your suggestions. Five directors pitch five genre stories. Flavoured by your suggestions, we perform the scenes and you vote for your favourite. One by one, the stories are eliminated until your best-loved reaches the finale, and its your Super Scene!

Sunday, May 20

10:00am Grand Villa 2 - What Are the Limitations of YA? with Kevin Harkness and Wendy Phillips

Is anything out of bounds for a YA audience? Edgy language, sexuality, violence, death—it’s all part of the package. Join the discussion with two YA writers who grapple with, fight over, and sometimes ignore the shifting boundaries of the YA literary genre.

10:00am Firenze - Yoga for Writers with Christel Bodenbender

Coming back fresh from four weeks of yoga teacher training in India, Christel invites you to this workshop to find body and mind relaxation for the benefit of your creative work. Join us to support your posture and stretch those muscles that became stiff from too much sitting, be it while writing or attending panels.

10:00am Venezia - How to Swim Through a Sea of Rejections

Sylvia Taylor (M), Richard Graeme Cameron, Holly Schofield, KT Wagner, Jane Whittingham

Rejections are tough. How do you keep going when they start piling up and you feel like quitting? How do you know when something shouldn't be sent out any more? Join authors, editors, slush readers and publishers as they discuss how to deal with those rejection letters.

10:00am Lobby Board Room - Kaffeeklatch: Kevin Hearne

11:00am Grand Villa 2 – Writer on Fire! with Donna Barker

How long have you had “write a book” on your bucket list? More than 3 years? More than 5 years? Guess what, you are normal! In a recent survey of 202 aspiring authors, fully 35% had been thinking about, and sort-of, kind-of working on their first book for 10 years or longer! In this workshop you’ll do three powerful exercises that will give you the courage to make a firm commitment to becoming a published author before this time next year. These tested and proven exercises will be your touch points to keep you on-track, even when you’d rather be cleaning the garage than staring down your manuscript.

11:00am Firenze - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Collaborative Writing

Sandra Wickham (M), Kevin Hearne, Megan Fennell, Leslie Ann, Chadwick Ginther

Ever thought about writing with someone else? What does that entail, exactly? How do you go about it? What do you need to clarify from the start and how do you keep things rolling along without fallout? Our panelists discuss the pros, cons, pitfalls, roadblocks and rewards of collaborative writing.   

11:00am Venezia - Pulp Literature Reading

11:00am Lobby Board Room - Pitches: Ellen Michelle - Constellate Publishing/Jim Jackson - Kouros Publications

12:00pm Grand Villa 2 - The Alchemy of LifeStory: Turning Memories into Manuscripts with Sylvia Taylor

From cave walls to computers, humans have been sharing the stories of their lives. Everyone has a LifeStory worth telling and it’s never too late or too early to tell it. Whether it’s a whole-life autobiography, or slice-of-life memoir, take your stories to the next level and contribute to a legacy of history, heritage, and understanding.

12:00pm Firenze - How to Build a Story with John Mavin

Good stories don’t just happen, they’re built, and as architects use blueprints, writers need sound structures to create effective emotional journeys for their readers. In this session we’ll explore the structural elements shared by all stories (from linear to unconventional), uncover the differences between plot and structure, and give you the tools to build emotionally satisfying stories again and again.

12:00pm Venezia - How To Finish What You Start

Mel Anastasiou (M), Chloe Cocking, Jim Jackson, Randy McCharles, Jane Whittingham

Whether you're an artist, writer or crafting aficionado, everyone can have problems finishing what they started. Panelists share tips on the best ways to maintain your momentum and make it all the way to the end.

12:00pm Lobby Board Room - Tricks of the Trade I Would Have Taught My Younger Self with Brenda Carre *no sign-up required

The pros always tell you it takes grit and practice with the craft to get where they are, but every aspiring pro can use a mentor to give them some writerly tools for their tool box. Knowing these tools and how they work is a good way to apply grit and practice in the right direction—tools that help you produce that missing ingredient of originality to your work. Space is limited so arrive a few minutes early if you can.

1:00pm Grand Villa 2 - Guided Meditation for Writers with Michelle Fogal

Find out how to unlock your imaginative world using simple, reliable techniques. Don’t just visualize your scenes and communicate with your characters—step into an otherworldly experience that transports you right inside the story that you’re working on—or the story that’s working on you.

1:00pm Firenze - Best Advice I Ever Received

Adam Dreece (M), Brenda Carre, C.C. (Chris) Humphreys, John Mavin, Jonas Saul

Save time and effort by coming out to listen to professional authors and artists share the best advice they've received about writing and the publishing industry. Take away lessons that have been passed down to them, as well as ones from their own experiences.

1:00pm Venezia - Publishers Panel

Mel Anastasiou (M), JM Landels, Tod McCoy, Sylvia Taylor

Publishers and editors discuss industry trends, their working relationship with authors and agents, the impact of ePublishing on their business, and audience questions.

1:00pm Lobby Board Room - Red Pencils: R. Graeme/Manny Frishberg/Sylvia Taylor

2:00pm Grand Villa 2 - Block Busters: How to Overcome Writer’s Block with Chloe Cocking

In the quest toward a completed manuscript, both emerging and established writers may suffer from some form of writer’s block. (That’s why we bang our heads on our desks so much.) In this practical, hands-on workshop, writers will learn how to bust the block and come to love writing again. Topics covered include: The Seven Types of Writer’s Block; Practical Exercises to Relieve Drudgery, Stop Self-criticism, and Replenish Creativity; What to Try After You’ve Tried Everything (and You are Still Blocked).

2:00pm Firenze - Great Dialogue Breathes Life into a Story

Brie Wells (M), Linda DeMeulemeester, Tyner Gillies, T. G. Shepherd, John Mavin

How many lines of dialogue from your favorite novel or movie can you recite? Good dialogue sparkles. It has an eavesdropping quality to it, like overhearing a conversation and straining to hear more because it's simply too seductive to ignore. How can an author develop his ear to write dialogue that makes each character distinct and propels the plot in varied ways? In this panel, we will examine tools and tips in writing good dialogue.

2:00pm Venezia - Improvising Into Writing with Manny Frishberg

I learned most of the essential elements of writing fiction (in particular) by doing improvisational theatre. Like all theatre, improv is, at heart, storytelling. As is fiction writing, so it’s not surprising to find ways they connect. In this participatory workshop, we use improv games and exercises to explore character, setting and plot in a new way. Be prepared to get up and move (with appropriate accommodation for disabilities, of course).

2:00pm Lobby Board Room - Blue Pencils: C.C. (Chris) Humphreys/Brenda Carre

3:00pm Grand Villa 2 - Your Story Sucks! (that is NOT what I said...) How to Work with a Critique Partner with Krista Wallace and Jonathan Lyster

How can you work together effectively without destroying your friendship? Jonathan and Krista have been critiquing each other’s writing for more years than either one has fingers. See them role-play their list of Do’s and Don’ts for how to be helpful while having fun doing it.

3:00pm Firenze - Live Action Slush-YA and MG

Randy McCharles (M), Susan Pieters, Sylvia Taylor, Andrea Westaway (Reader)

Our panel of editors and publishers listen to anonymously read story openings and comment on why they would or would not wish to consider the complete work. Bring the 1st page of your YA or MG manuscript (please leave your name off the page!) to be read aloud and receive comments from our panel of authors and editors. This event is both fun and educational -- don’t miss it!

3:00pm Venezia - Productivity Hacks for Writers

Adam Dreece (M), Donna Barker, Theresa Bazelli

Most of us would like to write more in the time we have. What hacks exist to help writers increase their productivity? From time savers to rituals to devices, apps, websites and software, join our panelists for all their best tips on how to get more quantity and quality out of your writing.

3:00pm Lobby Board Room - Red Pencils: JM Landels/Tod McCoy/Jonas Saul

4:00pm Grand Villa 2 - Hang with C.C. (Chris) Humphreys

Come join Guest of Honour, Chris Humphreys for a passionate discussion about storytelling and creativity. He’ll shre the different elements that have shaped him and his passions and why he feels compelled to tell stories in all the ways he does. He’ll share some of those stories, especially how they began and how they developed.

4:00pm Firenze - How to Create a Killer Opening

Adam Dreece (M), Tyner Gillies, Dwayne Clayden, Sue Pieters, Tom Wright

We hear it over and over again. Your opening needs to GRAB people. How exactly do you do that? How do you get your first pages to jump out at editors, agents, publishers and readers?  

4:00pm Venezia - Writing Workshops

Tod McCoy (M), Brenda Carre, Manny Frishberg, Tom Wright

Clarion, Odyssey, Viable Paradise, online workshops -- how do you choose? With so many workshops out there for writers, how do you know which one suits you best? Come hear from writers who have attended many different workshops to find the ones that appeal to you.

4:00pm Lobby Board Room - Blue Pencils: Sylvia Taylor/Jonas Saul/Stacey Kondla

5:00pm Grand Villa 2 - Closing and Goodbyes