Would you like a brand new kindle, preloaded with books by some of our fabulous 2019 Creative Ink Festival presenters? Earn entries at the link below, some you can do every day to increase your chance of winning. Share about the festival and possibly win a kindle, how great is that! Good luck! Thank you to all of our presenters who donated their work. Check out the amazing list of books below!


Presenter Books Included on the Kindle:

Author/Publisher                                Book                

 GOH Kelley Armstrong City of the Lost

1.     Randy Mc Charles                  The Day of the Demon

2.     Jim Jackson                          Stones in My Passway

3.    Donna Barker                         Mother Teresa’s Advice for Jilted Lovers

4.    Chloe Cocking                        Fables, Fictions, and Fantasies

5.    John Mavin                            Rage

6.     Jonas Saul                             Dark Visions

7.     Kristene Perron                      Warpworld Vol. 1

8.     Michelle Vandepol                  Stories Your Mother Never Told You

9.     Mark Teppo                              Solitaire

XIII – Stories of Transformation

10.  Michael Barsa   (Resurrection House)   The Garden of Blue Roses

11.  Rachel Pollack (Resurrection House)      The Fissure King

12.  Darin Bradley   (Resurrection House)      Totem

13.  Jessica Reisman (Resurrection House)   Substrate Phantoms

14.  Adam Dreece                            Snappy and Dashing

Wizard Killer – Book 1

Man of Cloud 9

15.  Katherine Koller                        Art Lessons

16.  Wren Handman                          Command the Tides

17.  Jo-Anne Mclean                        Secret Sky

18.  Bryce Raffle                               Dead Steam

19.  Jonathan Lyster                          Judgment Daze

20.  G.P. Prendergast                        Zero Repeat Forever

21.  Chloe Cocking                             Fables, Fictions and Fantasies, a Compendium

22.  Holly Schofield                            Look, Don’t Touch

23.  Tash McAdam                               I am the Storm

24.  Diana Steven                                A Cry From the Deep

25.  Melanie Dawn Dixon                     Aqua Marine

26.  CJ Hunt                                         The MacAllisters of River’s End (Box Set)

27.  JM Landels                                    Allaigna’s Song: Overture

28.  Michelle Barker                               The House of One Thousand Eyes

29.  Tom D Wright                                  The Malhutan Chronicles

The Trasker Project

30.  Melanie Cossey                               A Peculiar Curiosity

31.  Manny Frishberg                              After the Orange (Anthology)

32.  Dwayne Clayden                              Crisis Point

33.  Joshua Pantelleresco                     The Watcher