Constellate Publishing is a Vancouver-based and Canadian-focused media company, bringing you the best content from up-and-coming Canadian authors and artists. We're always working to promote our local creators and local content, and we give our readers high quality speculative fiction content every month. 

We focus on publishing speculative fiction, which means we're working with science fiction, fantasy, crime, mystery, and horror. We have a penchant for the weird and bizarre, and we're often working with content that breaks genre barriers.

The Constellate e-zine is a monthly zine, publishing one piece of short fiction (5,000–10,000 words in length) with cover art and additional illustrations based on the story every month! As our audience grows, the zine will too. When we hit our first subscriber goal, we'll be upping our content to two stories per month. The second subscriber goal will then give you three stories a month. We will continue to grow as long as our audience does. 

We love our readers and know that our readers are often writers as well! Because of this, we're offering a variety of subscription levels, some of which include critiques and edits of your own work by Constellate Publishing's owner and editor, Ellen Michelle. 

As much as we love our readers, we love our authors and artists as well, and we're committed to ensuring they're paid fairly and competitively for the content they're creating. This is why we're proud to publicly state how we pay our creators. The amount clearly listed on our page is split evenly in thirds between the author, the artist, and Constellate. As we grow, this payment method will not change—as we add to the number of stories we publish every month, the authors and artists will split their third, but we won't grow and expand until that split amount is a competitive pay rate for our creators. 

Interested in submitting to the Constellate e-zine? We're always looking for talented Canadian creators! Say tuned for submission information, which will be available soon. 

Published on PATREON.